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My love sways constantly between Soy Candles and Soy Melts.  When I am in full test mode on new candle jars or tins... I think candles are the most amazing product on earth.  When I was testing our Crackle Collection (for like... 2 whole months!), it was total love.  At the moment though, I have been burning lots of our new fragrances in my melt burners (yes, plural.. I have lots of burners)... so I am all about Soy Melts.

It seems many people share my current passion... our market last weekend at Windsor Riverside, people went crazy over melts.  And so they should!  They really are an amazing product and brings the old 'oil' burner back into fashion.

Fragrance load is something chandlers will talk about a lot.  Soy wax in general is limited to how much fragrance you can put in it.  Some soy wax will even look as though it has curdled (probably not the right word for it - but it does look like that) - when too much fragrances has been put in it.  However, the real clincher is the candle flame... too much fragrance in a candle and poof, it can catch on fire! Rest assured, all my candles have been tested and have the appropriate amount of fragrance in them. :)

Soy Melts though... no naked flame burning on these little suckers.  So I do push the boundaries a bit with my melts and add a little extra fragrance in them than I do our candles.  I love my melts to be super strong, my house has fairly big rooms and I like them filled!  Of course there are more subtle fragrances that are just that, subtle... but thats how they are meant to be.  On the whole though, Wik's Soy Melts are pretty powerful.  I have had feedback early on to actually lower the fragrance in them, just a touch too strong, lol!

How long do they burn for you ask?  I have put 20 hours on all my single shot soy melts which is on the lower end of average.  I have never had any burn for under 20 hours, but have definitely had some burn for 40 hours.  At $2.50 for a single shot (or as low as $2.08 in a pack), that is amazing value!  One of our 12 packs of soy melts will burn for a minimum of 240 hours up to 360 hours, for $25 - or even lower when combined with a burner pack.

Go on... check out our Soy Melts... once you try them, I guarantee you will be just as in love as me!

Jodi x

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    Hi , I tried your melts for the first time today and your diffuser— Jap Honeysuckle— my favourite perfume.
    There are many melts out there that smell nice but have no perfume once burning, it puts you off buying anything off stalls, but you have a wonderful strong smelling product.
    My bedroom smells beautiful from the diffuser so I know where I will be getting my melts from even though I have a wonderful supplier you match her product, and I rate her very high.
    So thank you for such s lovely aroma through my home.

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