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If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will constantly see us posting photos of various soy candles in test mode.  Why test a candle you ask?  Don't you just light it and it burns?  Well no... its not that simple (I wish it was!).  There are so many competing elements in a candle that can make it burn differently, that testing is a must!  That is why we do test though, so that it is that simple for YOU... you just light it and it burns perfectly, making your home smell amazing.

The perfect burn on a candle is for the wax to meet the sides of the vessel in a good amount of time.  A 'good' amount of time depends on the vessel, but is usually within about  2-3 hours. If we were looking at miniature bomboniere candles though, it might be much less.  Then there is the melt pool... is it too big, too small?  I have been known to get my tape measure out, just to be sure.  I'm an analyst by trade, so everything really does need to be perfect for me.

As a soy candle user, you might not know just how many different wicks that are available for chandlers to use.  Not only are there many different sizes, but different brands too.  If a chandler chooses to change brand, then it is a fresh round of testing on every vessel they use (it will be a long time before I choose to change brands!).  Wick size is so important, even more so if we choose to use more than one in a candle.

It is a constant balancing act.  The bigger the wick, the faster it will burn - and we want to give you value for money, so we are always aiming for the longest burn. The same goes for using more than one wick - a multi wick candle will generally always burn quicker, so it is all about trying to choose the right combination for the slowest burn - while still ensuring it burns to the edge - each and every time!

Fragrance also plays a part in how a candle will burn.  Some fragrances are very thick while others have the consistency of water, each fragrance may interact with the wax differently, and therefore burn differently.  Fragrance load in a candle is a whole other blog post, lol!  Needless to say though, fragrances also need to be tested.  

All of these components - wicks, wax, fragrance... it all plays a part in how long your candle burns.  So when I quote to you, either on our website or in person, that your candle will burn for X amount of hours - know that i have tested it and, if you are following our Candle Care instructions, your candle should burn for this same amount of time.

Bringing you luxury soy candles in the highest quality is our aim.  We will always endeavour to do this for you, so rest assured, every single product you buy from us has been tested inside and out.


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