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Diffuser Oils That'll Have Your Home Smelling Blooming Lovely This Spring

by Swik Home + Body 10 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Spring has sprung!  We have had a hint of that lovely warm weather lately that just makes you feel all giddy.  Once I feel that warmth hit at the start of spring, I always think “phew, survived another winter!” – a total summer lover here! 

Are you doing a spring cleanout?  So many of our customers tell us how much they love putting all our fragrances on in their home after a really good clean.  Open up all the doors, let that fresh air in and allow those amazing fragrances to fill your home.

Ultrasonic Diffusers are such an amazing way to fill your home with beautiful fragrances.  Simply fill it up to the line with tap water, pop in some of our diffuser oil and press go.  It really is that easy.  All our diffusers will switch off on their own once the water is finished, then you fill it up and start again.  You do need to give them a clean out after every 2nd use to prevent oil build up, but that is a fairly easy process.

We have so many oils to choose from, it might be hard to get the right one for you.  Let us help you out there….

Do you need sweetening up?

Our sweet fragrances are probably our most popular for sure.  Vanilla Caramel has always been our most popular sweet fragrance – we have a few birthdays in this house in the latter part of the year and this fragrance always reminds me of baking cakes!  If you want something a little sweeter but with a bit more Spring in its step, Pink Sugar is absolutely amazing, somehow it actually does smell ‘pink’!  Still not your thing? Maybe try Cotton Candy  - it has become a real front runner in the sweet stakes lately.

Spring = Fruit

When I think of the hotter months, I totally think of all the gorgeous fruit that we can enjoy here in Australia.  If fruit is your thing, we totally have you covered!  Black Raspberry & Vanilla has been a long time favourite in the fruity scents, however a new front runner for me is Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits – it always brings a smile to my face!  Watermelon Lemonade is also one of our most popular, particularly as it gets warmer – but unfortunately at the time of writing this it is out of stock.  Watch our social pages though – we will shout from the roof tops when this one is back.

Something Floral maybe?

This one is very easy – Wild Frangipani is hands down the most popular floral fragrance ever.  It is really true to the flower.  We do have some sweeter floral fragrances – like Japanese Honeysuckle or Sweet Pea & Vanilla that are very popular as well (in fact, Japanese Honeysuckle is hands down our most popular fragrance we sell!). 

Earthy all the way please!

I can sometimes pick the earthy types as soon as they approach our shop.  I should know them, these are kind of my favourite fragrances.  Sandalwood Vanilla is hands down my favourite winter fragrances – but we are out of winter now, so out the window it goes for me as soon as spring hits!  Fresh you say?  You absolutely have to try Lemongrass & Persian Lime, its zesty and fresh and smack in your face strong!  If you want to cover a bad smell, this is your fragrance.  Want something a little more earthy? Maybe give Lime Basil & Mandarin a try – it has a real spicy undertone to it with the basil.

Fragrance not your thing?  Something a little more natural?

Swik has a range of 100% pure essential oil blends perfect for your ultrasonic diffuser.  I used these constantly during the Sydney covid lockdown – with 3 kids and home schooling, we needed a little calm in this house!  My go to essential oil blends are Tranquil, Stress and Sleep – so so good.  So much so, we have made them into some awesome Essential Oil Roll On’s so you can also carry them around with you. 

Hopefully these recommendations have helped make your decision on the diffuser oil purchase a little easier.  Remember, all our diffusers come with a free fragrance oil!

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