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Are you ready to make your home smell AMAZING!

by Swik Home + Body 13 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Swik Home Fragrance Options


Not all of our products are made for every part of your home.  Some people have big homes, some people have small homes.  Some homes have small lounge rooms, or big open plan areas.  You need to find the best option for your space.  We are here to help!

Small Space Fragrance 

We have 2 main products that will suit your smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundries and hallways.

Reed Diffusers are great for a bathroom, laundry or a stand alone toilet/powder room, not only because they are great for a small space - but a bathroom is a space where you might forget to blow out a candle, for example. Reed Diffusers are set and forget fragrance options, just flip the reeds every few weeks to refresh the fragrance.

Our Plugin Melt Burners are also great for a bathroom - the power points are usually at a good height, and the lower wattage globe heat it to the perfect temperature for the smaller space.  As with all our burners, you can grab them on their own or with either 3, 6 or 12 melt packs.  Once you go melts, you will never go back!  It is the main product we use throughout our own home.

For super smaller spaces like drawers and cupboards, we have our fragrance bead bags - hot seller right there!

Smelly Things for EVERYWHERE!

 If you have spaces a little larger, you will need something a little more powerful.  If you have a big open plan space with multiple rooms, you may even need multiple options. 

Candles, of course, can go long and far (depending on the fragrance). They will definitely fill a room, and most will go further. Make sure you check out our 2 for deals to save!  We have so many glassware options and up to 50 fragrances to choose from.  Our Candles get rave reviews, so make sure you check these out online too.

Our Melts and Full Sized Burners are also one of our top sellers. They are a no fuss fragrance option, and with our 12 packs of melts - you can try 12 different fragrances to find your perfect match! You can also bundle up all our burners with different sized melt packs.  This is my option of choice throughout our own home.  I have plugins in my bathrooms and multiple burners throughout my house.  Checkout our Reels on Instagram for a hot tip on changing out your melts!

Are ultrasonic diffusers your thing? We have a HUGE range of nearly 50 fragrance oils and 10 essential oil blends to use in your ultrasonic diffusers. Not to mentioned a huge range of gorgeous ultrasonic diffusers, including some on sale!

While we have far too many options to mention here (you really should check out EVERYTHING on the website, your head will spin!) - we cannot leave you without mentioning our room sprays. We have many 5 star reviews on these babies - we constantly sell out and keep remaking for you guys. You spray, walk away, come back in an hour to two and you can still smell the fragrance. Its your quick, instant refresh!

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