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Soy Wax Melts - Small but Powerful!

by Swik Home + Body 08 Jul 2021 0 Comments

These little morsels of delight are fast becoming the fragrance delivery of choice.  They are the small item that packs a big punch!  They are simple, easy to use, and give off that lovely warm fragrance that just fills your home.

Our Soy Wax Melts are definitely one of our most popular items – particularly at our pop up shops.  It is the one item we bring every fragrance in to the shop, so customers stand there smelling them all – making up their 12 packs as they go. It is a little bit like the old corner shop lolly window – pick and mixing your favourites!

Soy Wax Melts are probably one of the most economical ways to fragrance your home.  When buying in a 12 pack, each little shot comes down to just $2.15 per shot.  We put up to 20 hours on each shot pot – but customers tell us time and time again that they get far more hours from them.  Some customers only change their melts once a week!

We have tried to answer all your burning questions about the ultimate fragrance product!

  1.  How do Wax Melts Work?
  2.  How do we sell Soy Wax Melts?
  3.  Wax Melt + Wax Melt Burner Bundles
  4.  What fragrances do your Wax Melts come in?
  5.  Types of Wax Melt Burners
  6. Globes for Wax Melt Burners
  7. How do you remove the old wax melt?


How do wax melts work?

First of all, you need a wax melt burner for them, which we will talk about below.  Just like the ‘oil burner’ that was used many years ago – you know, where you add some water and oil then light up the tealight.  Soy Wax Melts are much the same – but you definitely DO NOT add water. 

You pop the wax melt out of the plastic and put into the dish of the burner.  The wax begins to melt and releases the beautiful fragrance.  Wax melts do not melt away like a candle though – so don’t wait for the wax to disappear.  Wax melts will start out super strong – and over time the fragrance will dissipate until you cannot smell it anymore – that’s when you discard the wax and pop another melt in.

How do we sell Soy Wax Melts?

We have loads of options for our Soy Wax Melts!  Our most popular option is definitely our 6 packs and 12 packs It is the best way to try multiple wax melt fragrances at once.  You get to choose which fragrances are in your packs – you can try every single one a different fragrance, or all the same – totally up to you.  This is why we call it a pick and mix!

We also sell them in clamshells – the little breakaway 6 pack.  One Clamshell is around the equivalent of 2-3 single shots – you just have the ability to break off smaller sections of the clamshell.  They are exactly the same product – just in different packaging.

Wax Melt + Wax Melt Burner Bundles

We have always sold our burners and wax melts in bundles.  You can always buy them on their own of course, but why not bundle it up and SAVE! 

You can grab any of our burners (see below) with either 3, 6 or 12 melt packs – and yes, you choose which fragrances you would like in those packs!

What fragrances do your Wax Melts come in?

Quite simply – ALL of them!  Our candles, Melts and diffusers are the products you can grab in any of our huge fragrance collection.  Melts, however, are the cheapest and easiest way to try out as many as you possibly can!

Types of Wax Melt Burners

We sell A LOT of wax melt burners.  While we do love giving you variety, it is more a case of me seeing such gorgeous burners, not being able to make a decision, and purchasing them all.  Madness, I know, but they are all so gorgeous!

Please keep in mind with ALL burners – you should never have them running all day and all night.  Even the electric burners with lights – they are NOT a lamp, they heat up.  It is always best to have them on for 4-6 hours, then turn them off to cool down – then you can turn them on again.

The first decision you need to make is electric or tealight.  Decide where you would like your burner (or burners… just in our downstairs area, which is quite big, I have 4!) – make sure you have a power point if you are leaning towards an electric burner.  No PowerPoint?  Then you will need to go for a tealight burner – we have 3 stunning colours available in our glass tealights burners – Clear, Pink and Smoke Grey.  We don’t sell the little white tealights you need for these – but can be purchased just from the supermarket.

Electric is your thing?  Well don’t we have a variety for you!  We have 3 different types of electric wax melt burners, and within those, 11 different designs (currently!).  Our first is our touch lamp wax melt burner.  They have a glass dish in the top (which means it can be used with wax melts – or water and oil) and it operates by touch.  It has 3 different light levels – but remember, the light levels also relate to how hot it goes – so the top level will burn through your melt quicker.  We have 3 different designs in this style!

The second electric style is our hand blown glass burners – personally my favourite.  They are simply stunning.  They operate with a switch on the cord.  The dish is ceramic, so can also be used with either wax melts or water and oil.  We also have 3 different designs in this style!

The third electric style is our little plugin wax melt warmers.  These have a smaller wattage globe in them and a metal tray (you cannot use water and oil with a metal tray).  They plug directly into the power point and have an on/off switch underneath.  Given they do plug directly into a power point, without a cord – these are ideal to be used where the power point is up high – like a kitchen or a bathroom.  We do get a lot of people at the shop commenting that these would be great as a night light – but please remember, these heat – they are NOT a nightlight and should not be used as such.  The same rules apply as above – 4-6 hours, give it a rest to cool down and turn back on.

I am a forgetful person, and have accidentally left ours on overnight before and it is totally fine – however continual use every day for extended hours is not recommended.

Globes for Wax Melt Burners

All our electrical wax melt burners operate with a globe.  Some of these globes do look like any old globe you can get from a shop – but most of the globes at a shop do not heat.  We have another blog post over here that will explain everything you need to know, and where you can get the globes.  We do sell them, but have other options where you can grab them online.

How do you remove the old wax melt?

We have many ways for this!  I personally do it one of 2 ways – if the melt is already melted, I pick up the tray or entire tealight burner (without the tealight of course), grab a tissue or paper towel, tip it straight into the bin and wipe out with a tissue.

If the wax melt is solid – you can pop the tray or burner in the freezer for 5 mins.  This then makes the wax contract slightly and the hard disc of wax just pops straight out.  If the melt still has fragrance and you want to use later, this is a great method to use.

With the wax melt being solid, if you also just turn on the burner for 2-5mins – then pick up the tray – it should also pop right out – but you do need to grab it at the perfect time for this method or it can get messy!

So there you have it!  Wax Melts are personally my favourite way to fragrance my home, you need to jump onto this phenomenon!

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