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Globes for Wax Melt Burners

by Swik Home + Body 25 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Can we talk wax melt burner globes for a minute?

All our electric wax melt burners use globes.  As with all globes, they do blow and therefore need replacing.  Unfortunately, these globes do need to heat, and as such it can be difficult to source from lighting shops or your local hardware.  While you might find the same wattage, if it doesn’t heat or it is even slightly different – it not only won’t work – it may blow your burner. 

Touch Lamp Globes – you can actually buy a globe from a hardware store that looks exactly like the globe in your burner – but it will not work.  It will just keep looking like it is blowing, and you may think the burner is faulty.  This is not the case, it is just not the correct globe.

Full Size Burner Globes – these are for our metal or glass burners and look like a flat down light.  A down light from any local shop is not going to do the job here – again, you need it to heat for the wax melt burner and a normal down light is not going to heat.

Plug in Burner Globes – these are for the smaller little wax melt burners that plug directly into the wall (no cord attached).  These are a 15w globe.  Oven globes may look the same, but are not the correct for this burner.

We will always stock globes for the burners we sell.  You can purchase them online or grab them at one of our pop up shops.

We do realise this isn’t always convenient for everyone to order from us, or get to one of our shops so we would love to give you an alternative to purchase these.  Below are some links to a specific eBay products that will get you the correct globe.

Full Size Burner Globes (look like a downlight) eBay Link

Touch Lamp Globe eBay Link

Plug In Globe eBay Link

As always, if you have any questions at all, please get in contact with us -


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