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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Smell Amazing

by Swik Home + Body 04 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Buying for Mothers Day can be a tough gig for kids (or adult ‘kids).  Mother’s day is one of our busiest times of year and for good reason – mums love smelly stuff!  Even if you decide on ‘smelly stuff’ for mum for mothers day – what do you get her?  Read on to see what our top 10 Mothers Day gifts are for mums on Mothers Day, which we have put together in a tidy little Mothers Day Collection for you

      1.  Soy Candles
      2.  Wax melt Packs
      3.  Burner + Wax Melt Packs
      4. Reed Diffusers
      5. Ultrasonic Diffusers
      6. Ultrasonic Diffuser oils
      7. Gift Packs
      8. Room Sprays
      9. Bath Bombs
      10. Bath + Body Products




1. Soy Candles

Every Mothers Day we release our limited edition soy candles, with those beautiful sayings that speak to the heart – along with some really funny one’s that will make mum laugh a lot.  My favourite this year, and one that is close to my heart, is “Good Mums Drink Wine” – because I am a good mum!

You can grab our Soy Candles in any of our nearly 50 fragrances, but if you are having trouble choosing you should have a read of our blog on our top 10 fragrances of 2020 – getting a soy candle in one of our popular fragrances is the way to go if you are a bit stuck!

Our Trio Pack soy candles are also hugely popular at Mother’s Day – you get to choose your 3 fragrances and they come beautifully packaged in our white boxes with pink ribbon.  If you are coming along to our pop up shops, Mother’s Day and Christmas are the only times of the year we being these along – but you have to be quick as they sell out quickly.



2. Wax Melt Packs


I have mums come to the shop all the time wanting more wax melts – because their son or daughter had bought them one of our shot pot packs for their birthday or Mothers Day and they just loved them so much.  As with all our products, you choose which fragrances you are after – or simply leave that up to us!  Swik has amazing professional packaging for all our wax melt packs, you and your mum will love it!


3. Burner + Melt Packs

Want something a little more – grab one of our amazing Wax Melt Burners with our famous wax melt packs – then mum is ready to go.  We have some gorgeous electric burners – in touch lamp and switch cords, or even our little plug in burners that are perfect for the bathroom can be bundled up with melt packs. 

If electric isn’t your thing – we have some beautiful glass tealight burners in 3 different colours, again – they can be bundled up into our 3 different sized wax melt packs as well.  Tealight burners can go anywhere, you aren’t dictated to by where your power point is!


4. Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are such a simple and effective gift.  Great for forgetful old Nans (like my mum!) where you don’t really want a flame burning.  It’s a set and forget gift for those smaller spaces.  Our Reed Diffusers come in 2 sizes, and again – you can choose any fragrance from our range.  When purchasing online, you can also choose the neck colour for the reed diffuser glassware – Rose Gold, Matte Silver or Gloss Black.


 5. Ultrasonic Diffusers


If you have not jumped on the ultrasonic diffuser band wagon yet – then you absolutely must and you most definitely need to get your mum onto it!  Not sure what they are?  They work with Water and Oil – you fill the chamber with tap water, add a few drops of either diffuser fragrance oil or diffuser essential oil, switch it on and it will produce a cool mist that will float through your home with the amazing scent.  What’s even better, is that all our ultrasonic diffuser purchases  come with a free diffuser fragrance oil of your choice!

We have a huge range of ultrasonic diffusers available – our basic metal range in a standard size, our standard size hand blown glass ultrasonic diffusers and then our jumbo hand blown glass styles.  The jumbo has a bigger water tank, so you don’t need to refill as often.


6. Diffuser Oils

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mum is already on board and has an ultrasonic diffuser?  Stock her up with all her favourite smells and grab some diffuser fragrance oils or maybe a 3 pack bundle of our amazing diffuser essential oil blends. 


7. Gift Packs

Our gift packs were so popular at Christmas we have brought them back for Mother’s Day.  Not only do they look fantastic, but you get to grab a little bit of this and a little but of that in a nice little bundle.  We have packs dedicated to bath ‘stuff’ and others dedicated candles and home fragrance. 


 8. Room Sprays

Room Sprays are another ‘have you jumped on board with this yet?’ product.  If you haven’t you absolutely need to try these – they are one of our most popular products in our range.  If they are THAT popular – mum is sure to love them.  If you are a teenager, mum will love you double as much because then she can spray your room (this comes from a mother of teenagers).  Some customers even keep a bottle in their car (me included!).

Check out our reviews online for this product – people love them.  The smell hangs around for such a long time and you don’t need much.  Take advantage of our 2 buy offer and keep one for yourself and one for mum. 


9. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs, due to their colourful nature, are often seen as something for the kids.  Totally not so!  We have lots of mums who love these too!  Once again, check out our reviews online for our bombs – our customers have made claims that they are the best bath bombs in Australia!  As with most of our products, you can bundle up and save!  Grab the 6 pack bundle and get a variety of fragrances for mum for Mothers Day.


10. Bath + Body Products

We  have a huge range of bath and body products, not just bath bombs.  We definitely have something to make mums day if that’s what she is into.  Give mum that spa treatment at home!  Our foaming bath milk makes the most delicious bath – that smells amazing but will also make mums skin feel silky smooth. 

Mum is into showers (like me!)?  We have a gorgeous range of body washes available in 6 of our most popular fragrances.  Team it up with one of our shower puffs or loofahs for a fabulous shower experience.

Our famous whipped soap is another great product for bath or shower, filled with sweet almond oil and coconut oil, it will leave mums skin feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing!


So there you have it!  You really cannot go wrong for Mothers Day with Swik. 

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