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Why Reed Diffusers are your Ultimate Fragrance Product

by Swik Home + Body 25 May 2020 0 Comments

Our Reed Diffusers are super popular, there are many many reasons for that (aside from the fact that Swik products are awesome, but that goes without saying!).  Lets go over some of the amazing features and benefits of these really cool products.

Safety First!

Reed Diffusers are pretty safe – especially in comparison to say, a candle.  Candle’s obviously have a flame – so you have to be really careful with them, stick to all the burning and care instructions 100% to make sure that it is safe.  Reed Diffusers work without a flame or heat, and can be left unattended – which is the whole point of them.  They are simple, beautiful, highly fragranced and no fuss!

Think of those places in your house where you cannot burn a candle – be it because it is in a drafty area, it’s a small space, way too enclosed or just in a space where you actually might forget about a lit candle (😳).  Take your laundry for example, it’s a small space, usually with the door closed – you won’t normally burn a candle in there (but generally can get quite smelly!).  A diffuser though, sitting there unassuming in the corner, doing its thing with its amazing fragrance getting rid of that dirty sock smell – voila, perfect!  Bathrooms!  Reed Diffusers are perfect for Bathrooms, or that little toilet space – set and forget and never smell those nasties again.  What about your office – I doubt they would let you light a candle in there, particularly in a commercial building – but a reed diffuser – would most probably be totally fine. 

Low Maintenance

Very low maintenance too – the only attention they need is for you to flip their reeds over every now and then when you feel the fragrance has died down a bit.  No changing out wax from a burner every few days, no trimming wicks, watching how long it's been on for – they just sit there doing their job.

Value for Money

Reed Diffusers are very long lasting.  Our large sized candle will give you around 45-50 hours of burn time (which is fantastic value also – if you are after an awesome candle!)… a reed diffuser however, depending on the size, can last up to 9 months!  They are little troopers as well, they work all day every day for all those months. 

Reed Diffusers are total value for money!  Our diffusers are already set at a reasonable price for the industry, we’ve always tried to keep our products at the total luxury level in terms of quality – but at an affordable price so that everyone can use them!  We also have 2 sizes – our square diffusers are 140ml and our Round diffusers are 200ml. Our 200ml reed diffusers come with 2 bundles of reeds as well – they can go for up to 9 months, and reeds can become clogged after a while, so we give you extra to swap out down the track.  As an added bonus and little bit of luxury – we give you the option of colour!  Our reed diffusers are clear, but the neck of the bottle can be black, silver, white or rose gold!

We make it even more value for money because we also sell refills!  Once you buy your reed diffusers you already have the glassware – when you need more, just buy a refill – you get the reed diffuser oil, plus the bundle(s) of reeds to go with them.  They are also available in both sizes – 140ml & 200ml. 

What size space for these babies? 

I’ve always said that reed diffusers are for smaller spaces – bathrooms, small bedrooms, laundries, that hallway or in the stairway.  Our house has quite big loungeroom spaces (we are talking 6 x 4m).  I have one on the lamp table next to the couch where I sit at night – I can always smell it when I sit here (which is why I put it there – in my favourite fragrance right now, Camellia & Lotus).  Can I smell it when I enter this massive room?  Not always.  Sometimes though (keep in mind though, I have a chandlers nose – I don’t smell a lot these days, my nose is to in tune with all these fragrances now).  I think for big spaces like this if you definitely want to stick with Reed Diffusers – you might need 2 at either end of the room.  Where do I have them in my house?  Hmmm… where don’t I have them, lol!  My front hall table – I can smell it when I walk in, it follows me down the hall way.  On the landing of my stairs – walking up and down, and it definitely comes down into the hall and up into the upstairs part as well.  All our bathrooms and separate toilets have them.  Lastly – I am the loving mother of a teenage boy, so his room ALWAYS has one and it works wonders.  Without it, all I smell is BO – but in recent times I get the manly smell of Seasalt & Driftwood!

I have 2 different fragrances across about 7 reed diffusers in my house. Why not all the same I hear you ask?   I have written another blog post about fragrance fatigue – where I’ve talked about how you can get used a smell if it is something that is always there.  Reed diffusers can do this to you – if you are always walking into a room with the same smell, you will start to not smell it after a while.  So, I move the fragrances around every few months to keep it fresh.

As always – if you have any questions at all about Reed Diffusers or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. x




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