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Mother's Day Gift Guide 🌸

by Swik Home + Body 12 Apr 2020 0 Comments

What does your mum love? (besides you 😂)….

Most mums have spent most of their life as a mother taking care of you, keeping a nice home, and in most cases, all while working and generally running herself ragged (I talk from experience here!).  While us mum’s should really be appreciated every day of the year, Mother’s Day is that one special day of the year to really celebrate mum for everything she does for you.  Let her sleep in, cook her some breakfast, make a coffee, give her lots of quiet time relaxing (I know this is my wish!) with her feet up, maybe scoring the remote to watch some Netflix!  Oh, and give her the absolute PERFECT gift… that’s where we come in!

Swik gets an A+ in the perfect gift stakes.  We’ve put a little guide together for you with our most popular gifts, trust us – we have spent years talking to mum’s just like yours at our shop.  We know what she loves.


Candles are still our number 1 seller at Mothers Day.  Each and every year we create a different special Mother’s Day candle.  This year we have outdone ourselves, if I do say so myself.  We have chosen a stunning frosted glassware and teamed it up with a matte silver lid.  We have chosen a mix of colourful dusty pink label designs, with some black and colourful bohemian designs.  The choice is yours – you choose your label and, of course, the fragrance. 

We have nearly 50 fragrances to choose from – all our fragrances are listed in our fragrance collection.  If you need a hand with choice, feel free to get in contact and we can make some suggestions.

Burner + Melt Packs

Our second most popular item is definitely our Electric Burners.  So much so, we replace all our designs just before Mother’s Day in preparation.   I say it every year, but this year they just got better!  We have gone with some more hand blown glass designs and also a new touch lamp design.  The colours in the hand blown glass are to die for though, you absolutely have to check them out! 

Electric Burners are a no fuss solution for wax melts.  Perfect for the busy mum, turn on turn off at the switch.  All our Burners can be purchased on their own, or we sell them with 3 melt shots, or team them up with our 6 or 12 melt packs.  Honestly, so many mum’s gush over our Burner display when we have our Pop Up Shops running.  It’s so damn cute.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

We also replace all our Ultrasonic Diffuser designs just before Mother’s Day, all our ultrasonic diffuser glassware designs can be matched to the electric burners as well.

Ultrasonic Diffusers are fantastic for larger areas, so if you have a big house, this should go far.  Or if you have a smaller area but love it strong – this is your thing. 

All our ultrasonic diffusers come with a free fragrance diffuser oil, and as with candles there is nearly 50 fragrances to choose from.  Our diffuser oils have become one of our biggest selling items.  We also sell a fantastic range of Essential Diffuser Oil Blends for your diffuser, my favourite at the moment is the Tranquil or Sleep blend.  Brings so much calm to our house when I have it running.

Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are a no fuss fragrance solution for your home, these sell like hot cakes at our shop at Mother’s Day, so mums must continue to love them.  They are a set and forget type fragrance option, so perfect for the busy mum.

Reed Diffusers are great for the smaller spaces – bathrooms, hallways, small bedrooms.  If you want them in a bigger room it would be best to grab a couple.  

The only effort required for these products is to flip the reeds over if the smell starts to dissipate.  It refreshes the fragrance in the room.

Bath + Body Products

Bath Bombs Shampoo Bars Bomb Dust Whipped Soap

Swik has a wide range of bath and body products, so if your mum is into that kind of stuff we definitely have you covered.  We have lots of small items you can grab to throw in with something bigger – bath bombs, whipped soap, foaming bath milk, or even some hand or body wash. 

Swik Gift Cards

People have been asking for years for us to have Swik gift cards - and they are finally here!  Once purchased, the gift card will arrive via email.  Not sure what to get mum for Mother's Day but you know she loves Swik - grab her a gift card!


As a mum, I have loved every single thing my kids have ever given me.  My absolute favourite gift was the mug that read 'Best Mum Ever' 😍.  So what ever you choose, know she will love it because it came from YOU.

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