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Ultrasonic Diffuser + Diffuser Oils

by Swik Home + Body 28 Apr 2020 1 comment


Ultrasonic Diffusers are becoming one of the most popular ways to fragrance your home.  In my mind, nothing beats a candle in winter with that flicker of a flame.  However, a diffuser can be stunning enough to fit in with any décor.  All our diffusers light up, have colour change mode, or they operate without the light on – so they are very versatile.  We change our styles up twice a year, and we have just received our new stock for Mother’s Day.


Most of our diffusers hold around 125-150ml of water.  That will usually allow it to run for approximately 4 hours.  Our diffuser models have an intermittent setting though (full steam ahead has a green light, intermittent is the second press of the button and changes the light to red).  This intermittent setting starts and stops the flow of mist, so this means that your tank of water will last longer.

We also have a few JUMBO models – this diffuser model holds double the amount of water, and I have had one of them going for 24hrs in the past.  They seem to go forever!  Same settings as the smaller model with light modes and also intermittent.  

All our diffusers come with a FREE fragrance oil of your choice - make the selection when you buy your diffuser.

Diffuser Oil

Diffuser Oil is fast becoming our number 1 seller online.  We have been told that they are the strongest around.  You can grab diffuser oil in fragrance or essential oils.  In terms of fragrance diffuser oil – you can choose from our entire fragrance list of nearly 50.  Some of our most popular diffuser oils are Japanese Honeysuckle, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Sinus relief (in Winter!) and Watermelon Lemonade.

We also have a gorgeous range of essential diffuser oil blends.  These have been blended from pure essential oils.  Their names will give you an indication of the benefits the blend can have.  Although I own a predominantly fragrance based business, and do love fragrance oils – I have been using essential oils in my diffuser more and more lately.  Essential Diffuser Oil just seems to calm the house down a tad.  The most popular in our range is Stress, Sleep, Breathe Easy (for Winter as well) and Tranquil.  If you are right into essential oils – you might also want to checkout our Essential Oil roll-ons, blended with the goodness of jojoba oil.  I love the sleep one, always by my bed!

How much oil?

We get asked all the time how much diffuser oil to use in your diffuser.  Overuse will clog up your diffuser and it will no longer mist up, so it is important not to use too much.  We sell our fragrance diffuser oil with a dropper – I usually just put a dropper full into my diffuser.  Then, once it is out of water – you can see that there is residual oil in the bottom of the diffuser – so I just fill up with water and run again and it is usually still strong enough to fill the rooms. 

For essential Diffuser Oil – they come with a dripolator as they are much more concentrated, so you do not need as much.  I always suggest to start with 5-10 drops and see if it is strong enough for you.

Ultrasonic Diffuser Maintenance

It is really essential that you maintain your Ultrasonic Diffuser.  It’s not really a set and forget electrical item like an electric burner.  You should wipe it out regularly – just with a tissue or paper towel is fine, concentrate on the round hole at the bottom and make sure that it is clear from oil.  Do this at least every second use.  I also recommend maybe once a month to run it with some water and tablespoon of white vinegar, just to really clear out that oil.  It will keep it running well and pumping out those luscious fragrances for you.

As usual – we are hear for you, so if you have any questions, shoot us an email via the contact form and happy to help with your selections.

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1 comment

16 May 2020 Dee weiland

Hi Jodi, i ordered for the first time the other day,best thing I’ve ever done.
Your products are gorgeous.
I loved them so much i order again this week and so did my daughter.
We live in newcastle and i can say,that ive passed your web address on to so many people.
Congrates to you on great products.

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