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by Swik Home + Body 09 Apr 2020 0 Comments

We all feel that pull to a ‘triple scented candle’.  Its triple, so it MUST be stronger right? Ask yourself this, what is it tripling? Most people would assume the fragrance… but does it really mean that?

We have been in this business for quite a while now, and really understand the science of wax.  Let me explain… any type of wax has a maximum fragrance ‘load’ – which is how much fragrance wax can hold.  Most candle makers use the maximum or close to the maximum load that the wax can hold (sometimes, less, in some fragrance types, less brings out a stronger fragrance). So, in actual fact, if ‘triple scented’ actually meant triple the fragrance – almost every candle you buy would have triple the fragrance.  If a company then tripled the maximum load, it can curdle the wax (which means it won’t set properly), and given the flammable nature of fragrance, it can actually mean the candle can catch on fire. 

When you see a candle advertised as Triple Scented, it is actually probably just a marketing ploy to make you believe you are getting more for your dollar, as it actually isn’t possible to triple the fragrance load in most waxes – most candles already have the maximum!  Or, it could mean something totally different to actual fragrance strength – read on!

In our opinion, Triple Scented is actually a reference to the structure of a fragrance (I mean, really… our candles are already super powerful!). It is actually referring to the Top, Middle and Base Note of a fragrance.  Notes are the different ingredients that make up a fragrance. Once you start to smell a fragrance, your nose starts to pick up certain smells.  The TOP notes don’t tend to hang around very long – maybe about 5-10 minutes. Your MIDDLE notes are the heart of the fragrance and tend to hang around for a while, and blend through to the BASE notes which come along later. 

Lets take one of our most popular fragrances – Japanese Honeysuckle. This fragrance has the following notes:

TOP: Mandarins, Pine Needles

MIDDLE: Grape, Neroli

BASE: Vanilla, Malt, Jasmine and Cedar Wood

This is evident from everyone who walks up to our shop asking what fragrance smells like grape Hubba bubba – the heart of this fragrance!

We don’t use the term Triple Scented at Swik.  We don’t need to, our customers know we have some of the strongest smelling candles in the industry.  We already use the highest fragrance load our wax will hold, you can be assured of that – whether we say double, triple, or a billion times.  It’s just a marketing ploy that we really don’t need.  You will always get quality at Swik!

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