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by Swik Home + Body 04 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Have you ever been totally hooked on a perfume, so much so that you wear it every single day for years? Can you still smell it on yourself? I bet you can’t.  This is what the fragrance industry calls ‘Fragrance Fatigue’ or, the term I like, ‘noseblindness’.  Your body will desensitize itself to the same smells over time, so that your body can respond to new smells more easily.  I am going on 20 years with ‘my’ perfume, I wear the same one every day.  I only really smell it when I put it on, but definitely not throughout the day – but other people can smell it when they are around me.

Candles + Wax Melts

It’s the same with candles or other home fragrance products like wax melts. This happens particularly when you are constantly burning a soy candle or wax melt in the same fragrance day in day out – you start to either not smell it at all, or think that it is really faint.  We have a customer who is obsessed with Wild Frangipani, she sometimes buys as much as 4 x 12 packs of our wax melts when we have our pop up shop.  She came in one day and said that she couldn’t smell it anymore, but other people who walk into her home always comment on the fragrance.  We suggested she grab some other wax melt fragrances for a while, which she did (and loved of course!)… then after a few months she went back to her Wild Frangipani wax melts and BAM, she got her smell back for it. She switches between 2 wax melt fragrances now.  Happy Customer!

Reed Diffusers

This can be a particular problem with Reed Diffusers. They are a constant fragrance in your home, always in the same spot and not something you can turn on and off. Your nose can become accustomed to walking into that room and smelling that fragrance from the diffuser.  You can always refresh a Reed Diffuser fragrance by flipping the reeds over, but if you find that you are just not smelling it anymore, maybe try moving it to another room or into a hallway.   I like to have 3 or 4 different fragranced reed diffusers going at the one time (I have them in all my bathrooms and hallways), I move them around every few months and can always smell them. 

Ultrasonic Diffusers + Diffuser Oils

The same can be said when you use your Ultrasonic Diffuser. Diffuser Oils – be it essential oils or fragrance oils, are one of the hottest items around at the moment.  I know people who run these all day every day (🙋🏻) – which is fantastic, they are a great little machine for this.  Change up those diffuser oils though – I regularly switch between fragrance oils and essential oils (my all time favourite is our Tranquil blend of essential oil).  Ultrasonic Diffusers should be cleaned regularly, but definitely when you switch fragrances - give it a good wipe out.

Moral to the story – change your fragrances up.  Whether you are a candle, wax melt or diffuser person – we have nearly 50 fragrances to choose from, so it is always good to grab a variety!
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